Drive - 15.12.2017

Let's roll..


Hello Boss Chicks and Boss Dicks!


Are you ready for 13 songs full of indie rock, with a bit of disco mixed with soulful ballads, in only the way The 2930s can do?


The 2930s are proud to announce the new album "Drive" will be release on 15th December 2017!!

We are super excited and can't wait for you to have a listen, so we are running all the red lights to get the album on the road to you!!! At full throttle, from Friday 8th December, you'll be able to pre-order the album directly from the bands website, and we'll post it to you by the 15th December, in time to enjoy this Christmas!!!


Our first music video is set for release soon too, although the date hasn't been fixed, we are hopin' to finish the editing during the first week of December, so you can get a taste of the album, and get a glimpse of The 2930s in full colour photoplay! Don't forget to keep an eye on our social media for the latest news on the release.


Check out these short and sweet behind the scenes teasers of the upcoming video single "Out Of My Depth"

Are you ready to hit the road with us this winter?? More tour dates to be announced:

22-12-17 - Indra Club 64 - Hamburg (with Rocksin)

29-12-17 - Rosis Amüsierlokal - Dresden (album release party and 8th anniversary).

17-02-18 - Club Hanseat - Salzwedel

24-02-18 – Freakshow Essen


Head on over to our new facelift webpage at www.the2930s.de It's a new look, new feel, new CD deal!! There'll be more details added about the new album, including lyrics and sound clips real soon too, so keep headin' on back for more news and info.


Our "old school" sale was a massive hit, with many of you taking advantage of the discounted prices. We sold out of a few items, but there's still a few left available, which is why we are continuing the sale until the end of the year. So when you stop by to preorder the new CD, how about you get yourself something extra special for Christmas at our webshop as well! 

Nothin' but the open road...

The 2930s