Tempelores Magazin - Tell Me I'M Crazy

The 2930s – Tell Me I’m Crazy

The 2930s - Tell Me I'm Crazy
Label: Internashville / Universal
Written by: Nina Mende
Releasedate: 29-01-2016

The 2930s is a German rock’n’roll band that walks the path of Bosshoss, as their bass player founded The 2930s. Founded in 2009, the guys have found their own style of music that pushes everyone onto the dance floor. Now they have their brand new album released. “Tell Me I’m Crazy” is meant to last on your playlist and in your mind.

“Tell Me I’m Crazy” comes with sixteen songs and lasts for sixty minutes. Starting out with a catchy and thriving rhythm, The 2930s drag you along right away. With a steady beat and repetitive chorus lines, the songs are easy to memorize and easy to sing along to. The singer’s voice is quite unique. When you will hear any song, you can easily identify that it is the singer of The 2930s or not. It definitely is a voice you need to like or get used to.

“Tell Me I’m Crazy” comes with sixteen songs that try to win you over. The rhythms and choruses will definitely get stuck in your head whether you will like this album or not. The 2930s have found their own style and unique sound that is unlike every other band you might have heard before. An interesting combination that you should give a listen. “Tell Me I’m Crazy” is out now and waiting for your thoughts. So go ahead and check it out.

The 2930s - Tell Me I'm Crazy Tracklist:
01. Do You Believe In Love
02. Rosalie
03. Burn
04. Three Little Words
05. Don’t Fall
06. The Distraction
07. Easier
08. It Doesn’t Matter
09. Making Wrong So Right
10. Begging For More
11. Little Man Inside
12. Temptation Dancers
13. Change Your Life
14. Curious Hillbillies
15. Right Next To Me
16. It Doesn’t Matter (The H.W. Special)


30 January 2016

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