45,000 fans can't be wrong!

This week we are celebrating playing 5 of the biggest shows we've ever performed! Almost 45,000 people in the last 2 weekends during The BossHoss Dos Bros tour. It's been huge!!!!
Leipzig, Frankfurt, Berlin, Hanover and Oberhausen sold out arena shows!!!

It's been an amazing experience for this little rock and roll trio!! Meeting many new and old fans, and enjoying the big arena shows!

Thanks to pals The BossHoss and their crew for giving us this chance!! To our fans (new and old), thanks for your support and for rockin' hard with us at the shows!!

We played a different show everynight, new and old songs, mixed with crowd favorites and a couple of rare live songs (thanks to our fan votes). No cover songs, just pure rock and roll from The 2930s.

Check out this panorama photo from the Berlin show!

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