Welcome to 2017


We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and new year break. We sure

enjoyed our 7 year anniversary show at Rosis in Dresden. New and old

fans were in full force at the show! Thank you so much for celebrating

with us.


While it’s grey and chilly outside, The 2930s have been crackin’ on with

our 3rd full length record. Mixing is already taking place in Berlin with

Antonio at Wolves in Sound. We are very excited to be working with

Antonio again, he puts 110% into our mixes, and brings our ideas to life.

We’d like to shout out a big hello and welcome to our new fans who have

joined this here rockin’ mailing list! We hope you enjoy gettin’ a piece of

The 2930s direct to your inbox!


We’ll be hitting the road again at the end of March, 1 new venue and a

return to our favorite cellar bar in Essen, Freakshow. We’ll mix up the set

at these shows, with more new songs, and few old ones to keep you on

your toes!


31-03 – Schwarzer Peter – Heuthen

01-04 – Freakshow – Essen


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Stay tuned,

The 2930s

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